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Ms G

Technique puppet animation
Genre „lovestory“
Runtime 11:15 minutes
Aspect ratio 16:9
Soundmix Dolby Digital

Anifilm © 2007


Ms. G. is a puppet love story full of funny situations that can occur during the co-existence of a man and his unusual female life-partner. You can expect humour, romance and at times even thrill.

Director Michal Žabka
Designer Michal Žabka
Idea by Michal Žabka
Camera Tomáš Nová?ek
Editing Lud?k Hudec
Sound Jáchym Dusbaba
Screenplay Michal Žabka, Lud?k Hudec
Animation Alfons Mensdorf-Pouilly
Music Jan P. Muchow
Producer Tomáš Rychecký, Anifilm