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Povídky malostranské After 130 Years

Runtime: 85min
Technology: Documentary combining animation
Theme by: Jakub Wagner, Martina Stránská
Written and Directed by: Jakub Wagner
DopP: Marek Brožek
Edit: Šimon Hájek
Sound: Ludvík Bohadlo
Dramaturgist: Jan Gogola ml.
Producent Anifilm s.r.o.

Motto: “That Neruda may once yet come with some Tale of the Little Quarter“
Jan Neruda Tale Figurky

Full-length documentary will be dipartite into the chapters according to the fourteen Neruda’s tales. In these fourteen “tales”, the heroes of Neruda’s tales and current citizens of Little Quarter will appear next to one another. One hundred and thirty years after the first edition of Tales of the Little Quarter we find ourselves in the place of their unfolding and through the audiovisual production we can watch local common people. Even though a lot has changed since then, something universal is common for people of nowadays and those from 130 years ago…

Segregating outline framing the whole will differentiate particular chapters. Triplet of experts will guide the spectator through this outline. They will pass over the whole Little Quarter on the little funereal carriage and they will interpret the meaning and the significance of the text in the particular space.

Animation of old drawings, collages of old pictures will accompany the documentary. “Un-animating” of concrete illustrations from various authors of many editions of Tales of the Little Quarter will touch in a complete atmosphere of the film in a considerable way.

Povídky malostranské After 130 Years