WPI Clients Česky


Length of series 85 minutes
Technologies cartoon animation
Motif Martin Čáp, Martin Jaroš
Script Martin Čáp, Martin Jaroš a Pavel Koutský
Director, Art designer Pavel Koutský
Dramaturgy Jiří Kubíček
Producer Anifilm

Motto: Only self-confident nation may beg making fun of its history.

The couple of fictitious heroes – Záboj and Mlhoš pass through the era of Hussitist strifes and they influence the most important events of the epoch.

However, they do that in opposition to the actual history interpretation. Záboj and Mlhoš are able to come into the way of the most important historical events, even contrary to their will. Though, they are not only the witnesses of the times and the events, but also its glossators. They become the participants of the course of events, and they sway them actively.

Animated comedy with many songs is the full-length debut of the skilled animator and director Pavel Koutský.