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The Tales of Sumava Forest

Length of series 13 × 11 minutes
Technologies Animated cartoon series
Motif, script Václav Malovický
Director Ivan Renč
Art designer Zdena Krejčová
Dramaturgy Irena Šlapáková
Producer Anifilm

Project progress has been supported by
Media Desk program

Partners of project are
Šumava National park Modrava municipality

Motto of the series: Mysterious world of Šumava that does not know the state boundaries is the place of our narrative. For this animated series, it is also source of inspiration. These original dramatic stories unfold not only on the Czech side of Šumava, but also on the Bavarian and Austrian. They are filled with special poetics, mystery and specific character of the region which represents real magic places, nature and environment of the myths and beings adherent to them.

The main character of the narrative is Matýsek , about thirteen years old vigorous boy, common orphan from Modrava, who is searching the truth about his parents. His journey is not only a journey of getting to know specifics of Šumava, but also searching his own origin… We are about to meet with Gabreta – mother and empress of the whole Šumava. She protects all what is living there; she is the mistress of the waters, rocks and meadows, patron of dwellings… She knows and perceives all the good and the evil. She straightens the anger of the Černobog, the forest lord.

Černobog –the lord of the forest and dark beings. He is afraid only of Gabreta. He hates everything and everyone who withdraw his power and rights over the forest. Especially people… He wants to avenge on Matýsek who gained his cup of invisibility.

We encounter with herbewoman Johana there – she traverses the story as wise woman of Šumava, who is the well known figure throughout the whole Šumava, thanks to her herbs and advices adjoining with the witchery. There is also coachman Wenzel – distinctive hillsman, who with his carriage furrows and supplies Šumava, but he serves as a mean of transport for Matýsek and mostly as his advisor. We can see also the old inhabitants of Šumava: glass-blower, miller, poacher, smuggler, blacksmiths, coal-miner, shepherd, pitman, gold-digger, timberman, gamekeeper, coachman, peasant, ink-keeper, cottager, burgess as well as paramount.

In thirteen stories we introduce not only Gabreta and Černobog, but also knockers, trolls, witches, water-sprites, ignis dog, ignis fatuus, devils, fierce woods hunting, little jacket moujik.

The Tales of Sumava Forest