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I am bigger and better

Technique combination 3D and live action
Genre sci-fi
Runtime 17:00 minutes
Aspect ratio cinemascop 2,35 : 1
Soundmix Dolby Digital

Anifilm, FAMU and UPP © 2007


  • finalist of the 35th Student Academy Awards 2008
  • best combinated film and best film of the international student film festival Zlin dog 2008
  • best student film of Brn?nská 16, 2008
  • participation at IFF Karlovy Vary 2008
  • special mention FAMU FEST 2007
  • participation at other 16 International festival competitions in 2007 – 2008


A theatre is staging a new play. The director decides to replace an actor who’s always late with a robot operated by remote control. The peeved actor angrily maintains that technology has triumphed over humanity. After the rehearsal the robot goes off into town. Pre-programmed to come out with stage dialogue, it provides pleasant company in one of the bars, where its human prefiguration also shows up and takes over the controls… Martin Duda’s graduate film combines 3D animation with live actors. The film’s vision of the future is both melancholic and comical, while the artificial creature proves more viable than its human colleagues…

Directed by Martin Duda
Produced by Tomáš Rychecký
Story by Martin Duda, Zuzana Maurery
Screenplay by Vojt?ch Mašek, Džian Baban
Director of photography Jaromír Paví?ek
Sound by Juraj Mravec
Edited by Miloš Krejcar
Music by Tomáš Dvo?ák, Matouš Godík
Cast Mat?j Hádek

Ond?ej Pavelka
Miroslav Krobot
Kamil Halbich
Miroslav Mejzlík
Vanda Hybnerová
Petr Ln?ni?ka