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I am bigger and better

I am bigger and better

A theatre is staging a new play. The director decides to replace an actor who’s always late with a robot operated by remote control.

Ms G

Ms G

Ms. G. is a puppet love story full of funny situations that can occur during the co-existence of a man and his unusual female life-partner.

Czech Christmas Mass

Czech Christmas Mass

Famous music compostition by Jakub Jan Ryba with a graphic master by Josef Lada.

A tear is needed

A tear is needed

Drawing animation movie by Kristina Dufková.



Only self-confident nation may beg making fun of its history. Full-length debut of Pavel Koutský.

Povídky malostranské After 130 Years

Povídky malostranské After 130 Years

“That Neruda may once yet come with some Tale of the Little Quarter“ Jan Neruda, Tale Figurky.