WPI Clients Česky

Tomáš Rychecký

Tomáš Rychecký / producer
MA graduated in 2005 at FAMU, Prague, field of study: production. Working for Anifilm Society Ltd since 1999 as a chief production officer, producing mainly animated films and series. In 2002 he started to work on author producing performances (films Paní G (LadyG) and Jsem větší a lepší (I am bigger and better)).
He performed also in managerial posts of the International Festival of Animated Films AniFest in Třeboň, of the International Festival of Students’ Films Fresh Film Fest in Karlovy Vary and of the International Film Festival Ostrava Kamera Oko.

Milan Rychecký

Milan Rychecký / producer
He graduated at the Film Academy in Čimelice, filed of study: camera and production. He had been working in Short Film in Barrandov since 70s’

where he partook in production of several tenths of short movies and documentaries. In 1990 he founded the first private film society in the Czech Republic- Milan Rychecký Society, which was renamed to Anifilm in 1997. From its beginnings, the Society has been focused on the production of animated films and series. As a chief producer of the Society he released 27 series captions with over 250 episodes and several tenths of short movies and commercials.

Gabriela Zajícová

Gabriela Zajícová / PR
She is applied to Public Relations already for many year, she begun in the press centre of IFF Karlovy Vary (1996 – 1998), between the years 2003 – 2006 she functioned as PR manager at the International Festival of Animated Films AniFes. Then she partook in PR at the: Festival of French Film, Close to Heaven

movie, Tomáš Hanák’s talk show Vodopád (Waterfall), film music tour to film Snowboarďáci, Experts, English Strawberries, Unknown Hour. She worked also as a scriptwriter for TV Prima.